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Privacy policy

Any details you provide to TSB or Cigna will be held securely by Cigna for the purpose of providing you with quotations and information about TSB products and services. Your details will never be disclosed to third parties, except for purposes of setting up and administering any policy you wish to take out. From time to time, Cigna or TSB may contact you with information about TSB products and services, which may be of interest to you. Under the Privacy Act you have the right of access to and correction of personal information provided by you. If you would prefer not to be contacted about these products please call Cigna on 0800 244 467.

Where you are a customer of an existing partner of Cigna, and you have become our customer as a result of our relationship with this partner, we may share your personal information with the partner who may use, store and disclose your information in the ordinary course of their business. For health related personal information, the authorised purpose will be limited to enabling the partner to help administer any insurance cover, which may include participating in a resolution of a dispute over coverage and/or ensuring an orderly transition to a new insurer.